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Our 5th Annual Dessert Theater show is coming on April 13 and 14 at 7:00 pm in the church sanctuary.  Admission is free with donations kindly requested. All donations go towards the mission, Watoto Read – an organization dedicated to building schools for African Refugees in Chad. ( for more information)

This year our show is California Bonez and the Stone of Karawan by Kimberlee Mendoza . A christian comedy spoof based on Indiana Jones.

A precious stone is at stake, and renowned archaeologist Dr. California Bonez is relentlessly pursuing it—but so is his nemesis, evil Victor Trievel. They are joined by a lost WWI general, a professor, a sassy beauty, and others. Built in are a bracingly funny one-way conversation between the General and a skeleton, a budding romance, a father-daughter reunion, and perilous close scrapes in a convergence of mystery and history. The conclusion is a cliffhanger of the highest order!

This show is produced by special arrangement with Christian Publishers.

Kid friendly!

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