Posted by Carol Wilson

Friends, I am having difficulty sorting out two contrary positions today. On the one hand, we are spending the summer “discovering our child-like faith” through Michael Yaconelli’s Dangerous Wonder. Then, we are bombarded with daily news of violence across the world and deep divides in our country. These two realities are drastically opposed to each other. How can one speak of God’s goodness, love and mercy in the midst of turmoil? Can we truly sing a new song in a foreign land (Psalm 137:4)?

We are going to press on discovering the new life that God offers through Jesus Christ. I am confident that the constant refrain of love will eventually drown out the sounds of hate. If God can raise Jesus from the grave to new life and in defiance of the seemingly overwhelming voices of threat, then God will also raise us out of 24 hour news cycles and reports that may instigate and continue to divide people.
I do not have an answer to adequately comfort our weary souls. I weep and my heart breaks at every news report of new violence and hateful words. If it is not for faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, then I would be lost. So I turn to the words that God has laid on my heart since beginning ministry, “I am about to do something new. It is already happening. Do you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19) My prayer is that we will see what God is about to do. My prayer is that we may be part of what God is already doing. My prayer is that we will seek first the Kingdom of God AND all God’s righteousness. Be at peace friends.

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