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  I have enjoyed Christmas in a new way since becoming a parent. For a while my theory was that it took too much time to decorate, the songs were too cheery, too many get-togethers occurred in too short of time. This all changed when becoming a parent. Suddenly, the Christmas season was seen through the eyes, experiences and wonder of a child. Yes, I had lost the “Christmas magic” and it took a child’s voice to rekindle my spirit.
   During Advent we are encouraged to listen to voices and experiences that bring us to rekindle the wonder of the birth of Jesus. Shepherds experience a multitude of angels. A voice from long ago is recalled as speaking today to “one crying out in the wilderness” for justice and peace. The name given to the newborn Jesus is “Emmanuel – God with us” to mark the significance of his life.
   Look around during the season of Advent for the voices and experiences that will bring you into the presence of Christmas morning. We celebrate the world-changing event of the birth of Jesus. There is another world-changing event that takes place each and every day. It is the Spirit of God that dwells within each beloved person awakening to celebrate a new day of life. On Christmas and everyday, may we be the voices that announce “Come and see, God is alive!”

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