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Now Hurry, go and tell his disciples, “he’s been raised from the dead.”  – Matthew 28:7

Do not be afraid.  Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee, there they will see me.  –  Matthew 28:10

It is time to get up and go do something!  Friends, as we celebrate the great occasion of Easter we need to pay attention to the words of Jesus at the empty tomb.  Well, empty tomb is a misnomer because the events recorded in all four gospels are full of life.  Nothing is left undisturbed on Easter morning.  The tomb which was closed and sealed is open.  The linens which covered the body of Jesus are unoccupied.  Soldiers guarding the tomb have left to report to the chief priest.  Angels have taken watch over the tomb in place of guards.  A gardener is beginning the work of the week.  Disciples, men and women, expect to find their deceased friend and teacher, yet they find Jesus very much alive.  The burial site of Jesus is a lively place on Easter morning.

When the women encounter Jesus at the tomb, he tells them, “There is nothing to see here.  Move on!”  What do these directions tell us about following Jesus after Easter?  We are caught up in the grandeur and splendid sights and sounds of Easter as it has come to be celebrated in the church.  Certainly this is appropriate pageantry.  But Jesus tells the women and us “Move on!  Get out of here!  You have things to do!”

As with every Easter morning, we experience a climax of celebration in the liturgical year.  Jesus has and is risen from the grave!  Hallelujah!  Let’s not stop in this moment.  If such an event as Easter morning can elevate our spirits, then we must move on, to continue to find resurrection and life giving moments in each and every day.  Dare I suggest we dance in the streets.

Tell someone how you have met the risen Christ.  Live with purpose to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  Offer healing touch and comforting words where you may find hurt.  Be drawn to places of light and life in the world around you.  The resurrection of Jesus and Easter morning are meaningless if we don’t move away from the empty tomb to discover life all around us.


Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Jay Moyers




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