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It was May 24, 1738 when John Wesley went to a Moravian society meeting on Aldersgate Street where someone was reading from Martin Luther’s Preface to Romans (1552). During this reading John Wesley’s faith was strengthened and his heart felt strangely warmed as he described. We are going to embark on a summer journey through the book of Romans, an essential letter of Paul in describing the gospel of Jesus Christ. So here is the introduction of Martin Luther’s work. I pray that it will inspire you to delve with me into this journey of the book of Romans.
“This letter is truly the most important piece in the New Testament. It is purest Gospel. It is well worth a Christian’s while not only to memorize it word for word but also to occupy himself with it daily, as though it were the daily bread of the soul. It is impossible to read or to meditate on this letter too much or too well. The more one deals with it, the more precious it becomes and the better it tastes. Therefore I want to carry out my service and, with this preface, provide an introduction to the letter, insofar as God gives me the ability, so that every one can gain the fullest possible understanding of it. Up to now it has been darkened by glosses and by many a useless comment, but it is in itself a bright light, almost bright enough to illumine the entire Scripture.”
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Jay Moyers

Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Mt. Sterling 
“Behold God beholding you, and smiling” –Anthony de Mello

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