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Keeping It Simple
   Friends, being the Church is not a difficult thing. We need only ask a few simple questions to determine how we are to be in mission and ministry as simply church. Who are we? Churches are a gathered community for the purpose of following Jesus Christ. How do we follow Jesus? We learn about God and Jesus to be equipped as disciples or followers of Jesus. Why do we do this? We follow Jesus to receive God’s love and grace, then share it with others.
   By these simple questions and answers a church can define ministry and mission in a precise way from which flows purpose and action. During the month of May we will discover three simple actions of the church: Worship God, Equip Disciples, Change Lives. All ministry and mission of a congregation can be identified in these three ways.
   Over the course of this year, we will develop these simple points to lead First United Methodist Church into a revival of Spirit. Please begin to pray, asking God to pour out the Holy Spirit onto our congregation for a fresh vision and hope of being the presence of Jesus Christ to our community. I am confident that we will continue to journey in the path which God has set for us. Let’s walk with confidence and clarity together.
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Jay Moyers

Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Mt. Sterling

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