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I am not ready for summer to be over, but the sight of school busses and cooler weather (hopefully) says that the time is here. This is a great opportunity to set schedules and routines for the next season. I am reviewing school calendars, meeting schedules, sermon plans and considering a fitness schedule (yes, considering). Let’s plan to do this together, to dedicate ourselves to disciplines and routines that encourage one another and bring new life about.

“Listen, my child, and take in my speech, then the years of your life will be many. I teach you the path of wisdom. I lead you in the straight courses. When you walk, you won’t be hindered. When you run, you won’t stumble. Hold on to instruction; don’t slack off; protect it, for it is your life” (Proverbs 4:10-15).

Let’s join with school children as they begin a regiment of learning and nurturing. Let’s commit ourselves to routinely being at worship. Let’s pay attention to our calendars for education opportunities. Let’s honor our commitments to attending leadership meetings and offering our insight to further God’s kingdom. Let’s plan to get together in each other’s homes regularly to “do life together” as the Acts 2:42-47 recounts of the early believers. Let’s look for those in need and share our lunches.

As I write this note to you, I am re-committing myself to the routine and rigor of a planned life. I am praying that God will direct my ways and leave room for the creative work of the Holy Spirit. Consider a similar prayer for yourself in the season ahead.

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