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SAVED Sermon Series

As we move from Easter, the idea of JESUS SAVES is on our minds. Jesus saves us from our sin. Jesus saves us from death to new life. In this sermon series, we will discover how Jesus saves individuals from human conditions of daily life which threaten to take away the fullness of life offered through God and promised by Jesus.

 April 8: Heartfelt Comfort (Luke 7:11-17)                        GRIEF: A widow is now burying her son as Jesus brings life back to her and her son. 

April 15: A Freedom of Spirit(Luke 13:10-17)       DEPRESSION: A woman, physically and emotionally depressed, is healed when the doctor’s office is closed.

April 22: I’m Coming to Your House (Luke 19:1-10)FINANCIALLY: A crooked tax collector’s life is changed when a traveling preacher invites himself to dinner.

April 29: Will You Give Me a Drink (John 4:1-42)                     NEED OF LOVE: A woman is told of her life by an unexpected traveler.

May 6: Go in Peace  (John 8:1-11)                                                       NEED OF PERSONHOOD: A prostitute is offered life when Jesus stands as her counsel.

May 13: A Beautiful Thing (Matthew 26:6-13)                               NEED TO COMFORT ANOTHER: A woman tries to comfort Jesus, but has she gone too far?Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Jay Moyers

Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Mt. Sterling / office email
(740) 869-3577 / office



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