July 2016 – What’s Next

December 1, 2016


A couple of times a week there is a knock at the door asking if my daughter can play outside. This reminds me of the daily summer ritual we had in the neighborhood of gathering the friends together in the morning for an adventure. We would ride bikes all over the streets, go to the pool for the day, hang out in the ravine and build forts. Summer was time for exploration and playing.

This summer our sermon series will capture the sense of awe and wonder as we dive into Michael Yaconelli’s book Dangerous Wonder, The Adventure of Childlike Faith. Listening as God knocks on the door of our hearts and asks, “will you come out to play and enjoy today’s beautiful creation?” We find it difficult to pull ourselves away from business and busy-ness to soak in the Spirit of God. The truth of the Good News is that God intends for us to enjoy each gift of day, friendship, meal, breath and adventure.

So this summer, we will open our minds and our hearts to playing with God as recreation (play) becomes re-creation (new life). Imagine this – when you wake up in the morning with excitement for the next adventure your best friend and you will find today, just like when you were a kid. Eugene Peterson’s The Message offers Romans 8:15, “This resurrection life you receive from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike, “What’s next?”

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